About SAHfx

Sunday Assembly is a non-religious community that meet regularly to celebrate life. Our motto is “Live better, help often and wonder more” and our mission is to help everyone reach their full potential in this one life we know we have. Read more on the Sunday Assembly FAQ.

SAHfx is the Halifax, Nova Scotia congregation of Sunday Assembly. Our organizers began meeting in March of 2014. Only 6 months later, we joined dozens of other congregations at the international launch on September 28.

Our Assemblies occur at 2:30PM on the 4th Sunday of the month at the Halifax Central Library. The Assembly is built around a guest speaker; we choose a reading, a Doing Their Best story and pop songs to sing along with the house band all based around that theme. At the end, there’s an opportunity to meet your neighbours, do a little silent reflection and after the final song enjoy coffee and cookies and continue chatting.

In the summer months, we have been holding monthly Sunday Dinner potlucks at the Park Avenue Community Oven in Dartmouth.

We also organize group volunteering activities. If you need a group of people to help with a task, contact us. We’ll do the organizing, you tell us where and when to show up and we’ll tell you how many volunteers we can bring.